When I say, "departs" I mean in a really big way.  Nick Chambers was a founding member of what is today Plug-In North Central Washington. His insight and knowledge of the automotive industry was a primary factor in this organization's success in helping foster EV adoption in our part of Washington State.  For several years Nick's employer has asked that he and his family move to  Germany to work at Home Office.  This year the offer was too good to pass up.   We will miss his uncommonly good sense and slightly rye humor.


To recognize his contributions Nick (center) was presented with a Lithium vehicle starter system by Jack Anderson (left) and Randy and Anne Brooks (left).  We expect him to assist stranded German ICE drivers and have the opportunity to demonstrate the value of EVs.  In truth, we may have been attempting to "bribe" Nick to return to Plug-In NCW upon his return.