Once again Plug-In NCW had a great exhibit of EVs at both the Chelan and Leavenworth Earth Day Fairs.

On Saturday, April 21, the exhibit at Chelan was possibly the best we’ve ever had, with 11 EVs
displayed! They included:
- Tesla Model 3! Yes, if you weren’t there you missed seeing this beautiful new Tesla.
- Chevy Bolt
- Smart Car EV
- Tesla Model X, which did the Christmas “Easter Egg” dance several times for all to enjoy.
- Tesla Model S
- Re-designed 2018 Nissan Leaf
- VW e-Golf
- Kia Soul EV
- Zero electric motorcycle
- Link Transit full sized BYD electric bus, with 200 kW inductive charging!
- Polaris Ranger EV with lithium battery pack
- An assortment of battery powered landscaping tools

Although the weather was windy and cool at the 9 a.m. opening, the wind died about 10 and we had great weather and full crowds until about 3 p.m. when the wind picked up again.

On Sunday, April 22, we had a smaller, but busy exhibit at Leavenworth. Once again we had:
- Tesla Model S
- Kia Soul EV
- 2018 Nissan Leaf
- Smart Car EV
- Polaris Ranger EV
- Assorted battery powered landscaping tools

Thanks for celebrating Mother Earth with Plug-In NCW, your community and the planet. Already looking forward to next year.