If you have been reading our posts on this site for very long you know that Plug-In North Central Washington is all about haL2 charging. We choose 70-80A chargers because our goal is to encourage EV tourism and foster EV adoption throughout central Washington. The majority of EVs in Washington can travel about eighty miles on a charge, so we sought host sites that were about fifty to sixty miles apart. Our electrification of Highway 2 from Wenatchee to Spokane is about to be completed with installation of an haL2 80A EVSE at the county museum in Davenport. 

As we've now driven this route several times, we realize EV80 drivers might want some "assurance" on the Coulee City to Davenport segment. While there are no good haL2 host site candidates, there are some RV Parks. The question of how to provide L2 charging at an RV park at the least expense was answered by the JuiceBox 40 from eMotorWerks (Electric Motor Werks, Inc.). These units have an NEMA 14-50 compliant connector that is the main stay of RV park receptacles. Protected by a 50A breaker these outlets can provide 40A continuous charging. The 24-foot delivery cable ends with a J1772 handle enabling connection to all commercially available EVs.

Plug-In NCW purchased three JuiceBox 40 units with the intention of demonstrating their effectiveness. We believe RV park operators may purchase these to enhance appeal to EV drivers. It is also our intention to demonstrate these EVSE units for the Washington State Parks Department as a potential answer to their interest in offering EV charging opportunities at their parks. Finally, we are planning an Ice Age Floods Tour for 2016 that is over 100 miles in length. Our three JuiceBox 40s will enable EV80 vehicles to join the tour as we can charge them at RV parks. It is an understatement to say, "we are energized by this purchase of JuiceBox units..."