Jack Anderson and Randy Brooks, Plug-In NCW volunteers, just completed the semi-annual inspection, service and data retrieval of high amperage Level 2 (haL2) electric vehicle charging stations. These chargers are hosted by communities and businesses encouraging use of zero emission EVs and encouraging EV tourism to North Central Washington. 

These chargers are listed on PlugShare.com and we strive to keep their postings up to date.  Thanks to all those who donated to Plug-In NCW to support this effort.

Below is a summary chart of the charger use sessions. Sites are listed in order of in-service date. A couple sites had no data due to monitor battery failure. We’re working to avoid those problems in the future.

We are currently working on a haL2 charger in Davenport, which will complete the “electrification” of U.S. Highway 2 between Wenatchee and Spokane.