Plug-In NCW has highlighted Pacific Power Batteries previously but their joining the E-Waste program means that they now handle more than just batteries.  You may want to plan your E-Waste drop offs for Wednesdays because they offer free watch battery replacement Wednesday of every week.

They now recycle televisions, computer monitors, towers, laptops, and cellphones. They also recycle anything battery-related: alkaline batteries, NiCad batteries, lithium batteries, and automotive batteries. Everything that is rechargeable (lithium) is free to recycle. Alkaline batteries are charged $1.10 per pound.  In regards to computer parts, towers, monitors and chords are recycled. Keyboards and printers are not recycled.  If you have a question call before you make the trip.

Pacific Power Batteries has been recycling batteries for a long time, but the E-Waste part has recently started. They are open Monday-Friday from 8-6 and Saturday and Sunday from 9-5.  Phone: 509-663-6100. Email: