By Gary Taylor, Plug-In NCW Board Member

Mother Earth provided us with gorgeous sunny skies and fragrant blooms as we celebrated this year’s Earth Day Fair in Lake Chelan. Our new location (across from where we were last year) provided us more visibility and yielded better display space for our various examples of EV tech. We had everything from the Chelan County PUD’s new commercial grade mower to a local who refurbishes old golf carts into custom works of art. 

The crowd was steady all day and we had lots of opportunity to spread the word about our cause. I had a couple stay with me for at least a half hour discussing my Volt and I’m pretty sure they’ll be ordering one soon. As always the Tesla contingency served well as the centerpiece (we had two model S) attracting people like flies to honey. 


The event organizers do a great job and made frequent personal visits to be sure we were well taken care of. All in all I’d call it a great success and feel confident that more than a few minds were opened to the realities of the future and began to realize we are in it right now!