By Jack Anderson, haL2 Coordinator

I've heard it said, “There’s a day for every event.” Now I believe it.  February 18th is National Battery Day!

What can you do on a day to honor a battery? Well, it is a day set aside, according to the Battery Manufacturer’s Association, for all Americans to appreciate what batteries do for them and how batteries have improved their everyday life. As I thought about battery day I wondered about recycling in the Wenatchee area, so after a quick Internet search and a few local visits, I am happy to tell you that on this National Battery Day you could recycle your batteries.

It was very encouraging to talk with the manager and some employees at Pacific Power Batteries (742 South Mission St., 509-663-6100) about their battery recycling capabilities. They will take nearly any and all rechargeable batteries - even those pesky little hearing aid types. Most rechargeable batteries use Nickel Metal Hydride or Lithium chemistries and for a very long time no recycler would accept them.  Now, these small rechargeables are collected, sorted and processed to repurpose the metals and chemicals that make up the cells. Pacific Power Batteries will accept these batteries from individuals for no cost.

When did this need to recycle small batteries start? The first battery-operated watch was produced in 1957 by the Hamilton Watch Company. Batteries and electronics have become quite ubiquitous over the last 70 years. So as you take inventory of all the battery-powered devices you and billions of people use every day, consider recycling them when they die.