Plug-In North Central Washington and the Chelan Public Utility District have completed an agreement making Plug-In NCW responsible for the cost of electrical power dispensed from the PUD's current and planned EVSE installations in Chelan County.  Washington State law prohibits public utilities from "giving away electricity" so to make the PUD project possible Plug-In NCW stepped forward to "pay the bill."

Plug-In NCW is more than excited to announce that Cascade Auto Center a retailer of new and previously owned vehicles from several manufacturers has become the soul sponsor of this endeavor.   Cascade Auto Center is the Wenatchee area Chevrolet dealer and is aggressively preparing for the 238 mile range, Bolt EV that Chevrolet will begin shipping within the next few months.  Sponsoring electric vehicle chargers is a fantastic way to encourage people to give the Bolt a look.  Cascade Auto Center will benefit by having their message and logo in the sponsor's space on each PUD installed car charger.  Electric vehicle drivers will benefit by having even more charging opportunities available in Chelan County.