We are very pleased to announce that the 80A charger at the Banks Lake Brew is about to become a reality. Electricians have now completed the installation process. This unit is the second in a series of units that will connect Wenatchee with Spokane. Waterville was first and when Coulee City is completed, we fully anticipate that within the next two months we will have identified and signed up a Host in Davenport, which will complete the series.

When finished, Highway 2 will be Washington State’s first and only EV80 drivable East-West route that is equipped with haL2 EVSE J1772 units. We also have a really excellent potential Host in Grand Coulee which is the town next to Grand Coulee Dam. While not on the cross state route, it is a heavily visited tourist attraction and only about 30 miles from Coulee City.  So really, why wouldn't the largest producer of electricity have an electric car charger? We intend to fix that soon.