By Gary Taylor, Plug-In NCW board member

If I’m being honest, I really never viewed EV or Hybrid vehicles as serious options for consideration when contemplating a new car purchase. I think the image of personal transportation manufactured by the branding machine of our culture does an amazing job of creating a vision of “what I want” in a vehicle. Over the past few years I’ve been slowly exposed to EV technology and have been astonished really at the advancements. It only took one short ride in a Tesla to make me realize the truth about some options I’d never considered. 

So this past weekend when my wife and I decided to add another vehicle to our family, it was reasonable for me to add EV / Hybrid models to my list of candidates.  We both had a list of priorities which included Sporty, Roomy, Fast, Good Handling, Fuel Efficient, Reasonably Priced and Local. Our budget had us looking in the pre-owned car market and we considered several options. In the end we got the Sportiest, Roomiest, Fastest, Best Handling, Most Fuel Efficient local car we looked at, which turned out to be an EV Hybrid - the Chevy Volt. 

It was by far the best value we considered, but it really is everything anyone could want in a car. I look forward to many, many miles of driving past gas stations having the thrill of taking corners at top speed. In my opinion, to not at least consider these vehicles when making a buying decision for an automobile would genuinely inhibit your ability to get the perfect car, save money, help the environment, and put a damn big smile on your face!  Just sayin'.