Strategic Plan

To meet the goal of establishing North Central Washington as a center for advanced vehicle technology, the Advanced Vehicle Innovations Consortium seeks to test and demonstrate these vehicles and develop industry clusters focusing on electrified transportation, including plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Some of our strategies are:

  • Continue research on electric vehicles, including passenger cars, farm equipment, and fleet vehicles
  • Convert standard hybrid vehicles to PHEVs for demonstration and training purposes
  • Purchase manufactured PHEVs for use in local fleets
  • Test and evaluate PHEVs and other advanced vehicles
  • Coordinate agency involvement with alternative vehicles throughout region
  • Generate business opportunities associated with alternative vehicle component design and manufacturing, battery technology, battery management systems, conversion kit manufacturing, biofuel research and development, biofuel processing, etc.
  • Develop curriculum and train technicians to work on electric vehicles
  • Create mobile exhibit for alternative vehicle technologies
  • Sponsor conferences and educational programs focusing on alternative vehicles
  • Showcase converted PHEVs at regional and statewide renewable energy events
  • Feature alternative vehicles in high-profile local festivals and events
  • Network with national organizations centered around alternative vehicles
  • Create and maintain virtual information center