Natural Wonders

Witness the impact of Ice Age floods, volcanoes, earthquakes and more

  • Watch salmon fight their way up the Sultan River from a perch in Osprey Park
  • Cool off in the mist of the 265' high Wallace Falls near Gold Bar.  Power up at the charger located near the Sultan Visitor's Center.
  • Discover why they call it Deception Falls, east of Skykomish; catch a charge at the Skykomish Deli.
  • Travel the Stevens Pass Greenway for inspirational views of how powerful nature is
  • During the Fall, take in the natural "painting" of the steep valley walls as leaves turn color
  • Climb stunning Mount Index.  Eat and charge at the 59er Diner in Coles Corner.
  • Walk through forests where some trees were seedlings a thousand years ago
  • Visit the Pickett Interpretive Museum to learn how disasters created the nearby countryside
  • Take in the sweeping views from Ohme Gardens and imagine how the Ice Age Floods shaped the Wenatchee Valley.  Charge the car at the Marriott Springhill Suites.
  • Swim in the third deepest lake in the nation, and one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, 50 mile long, 1,300' deep Lake Chelan.  EVs welcome at Campbell's Resort and behind City Hall.
  • Be inspired by the gorgeous views of Liberty Bell Peak and Early Winters Spires on westbound Highway 20
  • Behold a grand natural spectacle from the Diablo Lake Overlook.  Charge before the climb at the Mazama Country Inn or in Winthrop at the Pine Near RV Park.
  • See how the Snohomish River has carved out the valley from the Cascades to Puget Sound by following Highway 20 Eastward  
  • View the majestic Olympic Mountains from across Puget Sound in Mount Vernon
  • Take one of the many regional tours offered through the Ice Age Floods Institute