Caution!  This is a Fund Raising Activity; but it will be Fun

Registration now open:

Plug-In North Central Washington welcomes EV drivers from across the North West and Canada to tour the fantastic geologic imprints left by the Ice Age Floods. Imagine a raging flood so powerful that towering waves studded with glacial icebergs toss giant boulders downstream like pebbles, and the landscape is irreversibly altered as eroded soil is carried more than 500 miles to the ocean.

It might sound like a scene from a Hollywood movie – but it’s real. And it happened in the Wenatchee Valley between 13,000 and 18,000 years ago, as water from glacial Lake Missoula raged across the landscape at 65 miles-per-hour when the ice dam blocking its path gave way to pressure, releasing the violent deluge. To learn more: About the Ice Age Floods - Ice Age Floods Institute

This is not a replay of the 2013 tour and the route while different and longer will highlight some fantastic geologic features. Save the Weekend of July 22 - 24 this EVenture will include real geologist as guides, beautiful scenic vistas and prizes. What more could you do with a couple of days than that? Within the next several weeks hotel and other details will be posted here. We intend to use Eventbrite for registrations.