Plug-In NCW, in partnership with the Cascade Loop Association, has arranged for three nationally published travel writers to drive the Cascade Loop in Nissan Leaf EVs. 

The writers were selected from a large number who applied after Plug-In NCW made a presentation at the NW Travel Writer Conference held in Spokane earlier this year. These writers will depart Wenatchee on Monday the 29th of September for a three day, 425 mile experience of natural beauty and technical excellence. Nissan USA is providing three 2014 Leaf EVs for this EVenture. While the Leaf is not usually considered a long range vehicle, the abundance of charging stations on the Cascade Loop will allow these neophyte EV drivers to make the trip with little anxiety and lots of time to take in the beauty.   

We believe it is accurate to state that the Cascade Loop is the first and only nationally recognized scenic drive to offer EV drivers charging opportunities along the entire route.  For more information check out or contact Plug-In NCW